Menu season 2018/2019



Bleak Roe from Bottenviken
with lemon cream, red onion and toasted Brioche
250 SEK

Carpaccio of elk
with black currants, beets and birch tree oil
195 SEK

King Crab
with mayonnaise, horseradish, dill and lemon
235 SEK

Tartar of Salmon
with grated egg, pickled gherkins, capers and trout roe
185 SEK

Deep-fried goat’s cheese
with apple, toasted hazelnuts and endive salad
175 SEK

Assorted local Charcuteries
with pickles, juniper berry mayonnaise and sourdough toast
185 SEK



Arctic Char
served traditionally with lemon cucumbers and pressed potatoes
295 SEK

with grilled butter, tomato and fennel
295 SEK

Reindeer “Biff Rydberg”
with beer-braised onions and mustard cream
335 SEK

Sirloin steak
with Béarnaise sauce, tomato and French fries
335 SEK

Braised leg of lamb
with green beans, blackened onions and potato gratin
275 SEK

Game burger/Chickpea burger
with smoky bacon, mushroom mayonnaise and cranberry ketchup
195 SEK

with salt-baked root vegetables, mushroom, tarragon and pressed potatoes
235 SEK



Apple crumble
with cinnamon, lingonberries and vanilla custard
110 SEK

Chocolate mousse
with cherries, whipped cream and meringues
110 SEK

Crème brûlée
95 SEK

Rose hip soup
with almond cake and sour milk ice cream
110 SEK

65 SEK

Assorted local cheeses
with accompaniments
135 SEK



Tartar of Salmon

Main course
Sirloin steak

Crème brulée

595 SEK



Local delicacies
a selection of delicacies from Jämtland and Norrland with accompaniments
280 SEK/block

Fondue evening
Fondue with beef, pork and lamb, a selection of vegetables and Fjällpuben’s fondue sauces. Served with French fries and green salad. We will serve apple cake for dessert.
495 SEK/pers

Cheese fondue with cold cuts, vegetables, country bread and pickles. We will serve apple cake for dessert.
465 SEK/pers

NOTE! Fondues are to be ordered one day in advance. Information regarding allergens may be submitted by staff.